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Horvat F. – Music for Self-Isolation

I had the big pleasure to be part of this project. Frank Horvat, Canadian composer, developed this idea during the quarantine time for COVID-19 pandemic episode.

Frank Horvat:

2020 – various solos and duos – 2:00 minutes each

“As a composer, I felt helpless at home during this COVID-19 pandemic. Then I thought, I could at least provide my musical friends with new compositions while they are spending time in self-isolation. So since late March, I composed 31 new short pieces of music for an unaccompanied solo instrument or voice, or for a duo of musicians self-isolating together.

With the cancellation of all performances, COVID-19 has adversely impacted the world’s music community. This project is my attempt to raise the spirits of fellow musicians as they continue to traverse through uncertain times. We might be self-isolating but we are never alone…we have music!”



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